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Stephen Headley Stephen Headley, Curator
Stephen has been involved in the art scene for over thirty five years, and has spent that time fostering long lasting relationships with numerous artists.

Peter Voulkos
Clay, 21.5" in diameter

Robert Arneson
Drinking Fountain
Ceramic, 36" x 17"

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Osceola News:
Osceola Gallery is very excited to announce that we are working with the Artworks Foundry Gallery on Heinz Street in Berkeley. More information coming soon!

Also, Osceola Gallery would like to announce that we are now taking over the
Harry Bowden estate, paintings and photographs, all of which are vintage!

Osceola Gallery In the News

An excellent article from the Business section of the Friday, March 4th, 2005 Oakland Tribune. Written by David Merrill (business writer), it outlines the art of investing in art.

In the article, David notes that while most people buy art just for themselves, the number who look at art as a way to make money is growing.

Read the full article here.


Every once in a while, I stumble across a little gem, in this case being the relatively new Gallery 276, tucked away at 276 Shipley St. (alley). Warm wonderful space co-owned by veteran collector/dealer Stephen Headley, owner of Osceola Gallery in Emeryville. Tonight, in addition to Will Cloughleys iconoclastic art, there is a gong performance by gongstress Karen Stackpole. She tells me she owns substantially more gongs than she brought to the gallery. Then she gives me a quick lesson in gong playing, then she shows me her mallets, one of which is very impressive. As for the art of Will Cloughley, you start with Kandinsky, stir in a little of that homegrown Transcendental Painting Group like maybe Emil Bisttram or Agnes Pelton, then you Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, and you have arrived at the mystic meditative mantrics of Will Cloughley. Plus you get to page through several of his sketchbooks/journals (he tells me he has about thirty). Nice. All good here. Go see.

- Alan Bamberger

The History of Osceola Gallery

Osceola Gallery was founded in 1976. Osceola is my father's name. He was named after the famous Seminole Indian, Osceola who died in 1819. The Seminole's were the only tribe that was never killed, captured or surrendered.

Evolving from an antique shop into a gallery with art styles ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Art Nouveau to Contemporary Art, the collection has included the works of Manuel Neri, Robert Motherwell, Peter Voulkos, Robert Arneson, Alphonse Mucha and Mary Cassatt.

During the 1970's the Bay Area experienced a renaissance in art. I was dealing lithographs and other works on paper with Pascal de Sarthe from Paris, Harris Stewart, a longtime art dealer from Walton-Gilbert Galleries, and Steven Thomas Fine Art; all in San Francisco. Pascal and I had our first show in 1978 at Pascal's apartment on Broadway which featured the work of Dan Stolpe. The show was a success and sparked my interest in collecting/dealing.

Aside from the artist producing the art, the collector plays an integral and important role in the life of the created object. My dedication to art has developed from collecting. Although never formally educated in the arts, my passion grew from being involved in the art world on a global level.

The idea for the current exhibit was inspired by listening to John Coltrane's A Few of My Favorite Things and feeling ecstatic about Osceola's eclectic array of art. I looked around and realized that I had some wonderful things that I wanted to share. I took that inspiration and began compiling the work for the show, which reflects the diversity and extent to Osceola Gallery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

- Stephen C. Headley June 2000

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